Dr. Glen Sallows & Tamlynn Graupner’s (founders of WEAP and EAP) 4-year long research paper was published in the November 2005 issue of the American Journal of Mental Retardation.

Below is a summary of the following research:

  • There is a significant average increase of 25 IQ points within the period of one year
    among children.
  • There is a high percentage of over 70% of children in the research who learned to speak
    in phrases.
  • Almost 50% of the children move into the average range on measures of adaptive skills and teacher’s rating of social skills:
    • These children show increases in IQ from an average of 55 at the beginning of treatment to 104 after 3-4 years of treatment
    • Their academic skills increase to the average range
    • They are able to succeed in regular classes without support
    • Most importantly, they have friends
  • Many important skills are gained by those children who did not achieve IQ scores in the average range. Important skills gained are:
    • Cognitive skills increased from 16 to 44 months
    • Adaptive skills increased from 16 to 37 months
    • Language skills increased from less than 12 months to 27 months
    • Social skills increased from 10 to 31 months
    • At the end of the study, these children were continuing to gain skills at a rate of 3 to 4 months per year in expressive language and social skills.

For the summary of the research, please feel free to click on the following links below or e-mail us at info@autismmalaysia.com if you would like to obtain a full copy of the research paper.

Summary of Research Conducted by WEAP
Summary of Research Conducted by Dr. Lovaas