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Who We Are

Early Autism Project Malaysia (EAP) is the pioneer of the Applied Behavioural Approach (ABA) treatment in Malaysia. EAP provides intensive behavioural treatment programmes that are comprehensive, wholistic and resulting in almost 50% of our children catching up to their typical peers. At present 75% of our students have emerging to fluent speech and 62% are in schools or preparing for schools (mainstream international schools, homeschools & special education schools).

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    What We Do

    EAP Malaysia provides individualised intensive behavioural treatment programmes to individuals with autism utilising the Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) approach.

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    Almost 50% of our students are able to catch up to their developmental age.

    Our Approach

    We utilise a modern style Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) approach in the delivery of all our services. This approach is the only treatment for autism supported by controlled studies and post-treatment follow up data. It develops communicative speech and improved social relatedness in 90% of those treated. Complex skills are taught to individuals through the following 3 simple principles:

    Break complex skills down

    Pair with reinforcement

    Provide sufficient practice

    What is my next step?

    Early identification is best. Schedule an initial appointment with us to learn more about your child and autism, or to find out more about our therapy programmes!

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