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Milestones of Typical Speech Development

In our previous blog entries, we have outlined the difference between communication and speech. To reiterate, communication is any behaviour exchanged with another person that produces related or direct social rewards (Frost and Bondy, 2002), whilst speech is the expression of communication and thoughts through spoken language (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Here, we will be outlining the general speech development milestones of a typical child. …

Red Flags of Speech Delay

The ability to express our thoughts and feelings is crucial to our survival as social beings. Children begin their journey of developing their speech as early as 2 months where they start cooing and make gurgling sounds. Speech is a developmental milestone that is observable and developmental problems may be indicated if a child is observed to not use their words to communicate. Thus, any delays in speech especially early on in a child’s development should not be taken lightly.