Rachel Gomez

Supervisor, EAP Malaysia

Rachel Gomez is a Supervisor at EAP Malaysia. She graduated with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from HELP University having earlier received her Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) also from HELP University. 

As a Supervisor, Rachel oversees individualised Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) programmes for the children on her caseload, conducts parent trainings and school transitions as well as ensures the quality of the development and training of the therapists on her teams. 

Rachel also coordinates and conducts Developmental Assessments for all our clients (e.g. international standardized cognitive, adaptive behavior and language assessments such as the Weschler battery of assessments, the Preschool Language Scale and the Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales) which are a part of our treatment programme here at EAP. Rachel also conducts Diagnostic Evaluations and Initial Screenings.

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