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Therapy Programmes


At EAP Malaysia, we utilise a modern style ABA approach in the delivery of all our services. This approach is the only treatment for autism supported by controlled studies and post-treatment follow up data. It develops communicative speech and improved social relatedness in 90% of those treated. This program produces virtually normal social interaction, communicative and cognitive abilities in 40% to 50% of children with autism.

Explore Our Therapy Programmes

We design and deliver individualised intensive behavioural treatment programmes for your child! Backed by a Clinical Supervision Team with the combined clinical experience of 32 years, our therapy programmes are delivered by our team of EAP qualified ABA Therapists in a one-to-one setting utilising the Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) approach.

1. Intensive 1:1 Therapy Programmes

Our therapy programmes are designed to deliver intensive one-to-one therapy in a week. As part of the programme, EAP Malaysia will provide multiple levels of supervision, a team of therapists and personalised therapy materials. Our team is equipped to provide home-based therapy, centre-based therapy, school shadow support as well as vocational support.

Full Time:

32 hours per week
3.5 hours in the morning (8.30-12.00pm) + 3 hours in the afternoon (2.00-5.00pm)
Either fully home-based or half-center/school, half-home based

Half Time:

15 hours per week
3 hours either in the morning (8.30-11.30am) or afternoon (2.00-5.00pm)
Either home-based or center-based

2. Supervision Only Programmes

Parent Training

The Parent Training model includes 4 hours of supervision every month. Supervision is conducted every fortnight by one of our EAP Supervisors at the EAP Centre. With this model, parents will serve as the child’s therapist, as well as assemble their own therapy materials.


The Workshop model is designed for individuals and families who are out-of-state or overseas. Supervision is conducted every month by one of our EAP Supervisors either at the EAP Centre or at your home. With this model, families are required to recruit their own team of therapists, as well as assemble their own therapy materials.

Fortnightly Model

This model includes 6 hours of supervision every month (utilised on a fortnightly basis) with phone consults on the opposite weeks to ensure weekly communication and support. Families find and hire their own teams of therapists, therapy materials and facility which includes furnishing and toys.

Onboarding Process at Early Autism Project

1. Initial Appointment

2. Enrollment

3. Individualized Family and Team Training

4. Therapy Begins

Contact us to find out more about our therapy programmes.