Director of Early Autism Project Malaysia
and Founder of The Hope Project.


Jochebed Isaacs is the lead instructor on Autism at Home and also serves as Director at EAP Malaysia. She is also a Clinical Psychologist, having completed her Masters of Clinical Psychology at University Kebangsaan Malaysia (the National University of Malaysia)  and her Bachelor of Psychology at Curtin University of Technology, Australia.


Jochebed was trained as a supervisor at Wisconsin Early Autism Project, United States of America under the guidance of Dr. Glen Sallows, Ms. Tamylnn Graupner, and Ms. Michelle Sherman. She has worked with hundreds of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Malaysia, Wisconsin (United States of America), Perth (Australia) and Singapore.


In October 2016, Jochebed Isaacs launched the Hope Project, the non-profit initiative of EAP Malaysia in conjunction with celebrating the company’s 10 year anniversary.


Jochebed has also trained parents, therapists, and professionals on a variety of topics including Diagnosing Autism, Introduction to Autism, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Discrete Trial Teaching, Play and Social Skills, Communication & Language, developing positive behavior support plans etc. She has been invited to speak in many different settings in different parts of Malaysia as well as in Cambodia & Brunei. Jochebed also conducts diagnostic evaluations and developmental assessments, which includes IQ, adaptive behavior and language tests.


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