Using Hand Sanitisers

Germs everywhere!

It is always important to keep our hands clean because germs are everywhere! Almost everything we touch has germs and when we do, they get onto our hands. As a result, people may get sick. One prevention of this is using hand sanitisers that contain at least 60% alcohol when water and soap are not accessible. 

When to sanitise?

Pre-pandemic, hand sanitisers were usually used before and after visiting a friend or loved one in a hospital as well as in schools and group environments. Also when water and soap are not readily available. It is also encouraged to wash our hands with soap and water as soon as we can even after using hand sanitiser.


Some parents may not want their children to use hand sanitisers and may prefer hand-washing. That is ultimately your call as a parent!

Prerequisites & Materials

a) Prerequisites

  • Cooperation
  • Imitation
  • The ability to follow First Then instructions
  • The ability to wait 


b) Materials

Chaining - A Teaching Strategy

Chaining is a teaching strategy that involves learning the chained actions of a routine in a sequence. In this example, the backward chaining method is used to teach children how to use hand sanitisers. This technique involves teaching skills in a backward manner, or in other words, children acquiring the skills from the final step.


Here are the steps involved in a sanitising hand routine; 


With backward chaining, remember, the target item starts from the final item in the list, in this case, keeping away the sanitiser. 

Let’s Teach!

Teaching Child How to Use Hand Sanitisers

  1. Have child ready with a bottle of hand sanitiser
  2. Read the social story
  3. Show the visual schedule
  4. Show the video model 
  5. Show the First Then board
  6. Give the instruction, “Sanitise hands”
  7. Begin practice
  8. Reward your child for a job well done 


This can also be done in a forward chaining step. That basically means that children are guided to do the first step and prompted through the rest of the steps.  

Your Turn

  1. Prepare a bottle of hand sanitiser for your child along with the materials needed for this programme.
  2. Break down this skill and start building your child’s independence in using a hand sanitiser.

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