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Parents Testimonials

One of our families openly shared with us their journey of caring for their child with autism, and their experience with EAP Malaysia during the course of their son’s treatment. This is what they had to say!

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Family vacation was successful and made possible thanks to the EAP Team
Our boy went on an overseas holiday to Australia with the family for the first time since we moved to Malaysia in 2018. He coped with the changes, including flying, altitude changes with the ears popping – there was absolutely no issues with these conditions. He was extremely happy around others – he very rarely went away and hid himself away from the group of people whether they be adults or kids. In summary, our vacation was simply a wonderful time for the family and it would not have been possible for us without the work we have all put into this – I am eternally grateful for this, please extend my thanks to everyone in the EAP team.

– Parent of a 6 year old boy with Autism, December 2019

Our son has made tremendous progress!
The EAP team has truly helped my son and we appreciate it a lot. I think everyone has given him their best and he has made tremendous progress.

– Parent of a 8 year old boy with Autism, May 2019

When EAP stepped in, miracles happened!
Thank you so much EAP for everything. There are no words to describe the feelings my husband and I felt when we held in our hands the acceptance letter into an international school for our daughter exactly 2 years later to the date we received her diagnosis. They always say that when God steps in, miracles happen. Well for us when EAP stepped in, miracles happened!

– Parents of a 5 year old girl with Autism, November 2019

Thank you!
She has learnt to sit down at the table by listening to the therapist. She picked up toileting skills and has improved on eye contact.

– Parent of a 6 year old girl with Autism, 2015

Excellent and professional team
Our daughter and my family would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the excellent work and professionalism that the EAP team has constantly practised and will hopefully continue to do so in the future.We wish EAP all the very best in all your endeavours, and God-willing, we will meet again when we return to Malaysia. May God bless your good and kind efforts.

– Best regards from our whole family, June 2017

A thorough and proper assessment for my child!
We decided to approach EAP for a 2nd opinion. At EAP, they treated him with love and respect. They used toys and games that he liked for the diagnostic assessment and it worked like magic! My son seemed to really like it there; the other kids were also positive and happy. To us, it felt like a home of love. We were so relieved as we had recently visited another center where the safety of their children was a major concern and many kids were observed to be without much supervision.

The way the assessment at EAP was conducted along with the outcome was completely different to our previous experience. EAP took more than 2 hours to do a thorough assessment using the proper assessment tools that were not used by the previous doctor. Surprisingly EAP found that while my son showed some signs of autism, he not fulfil the complete requirements and instead gave us specific strategies and recommendations to help him.

We took their advice and today, our son is a certified chatterbox! He performed at his school concert last year and made us all very proud! He is friendly and loves interaction with children. His school teachers have said that he is ahead of his peers in certain subjects and is able to sit still and focus. He also has a great appetite, is able to take instructions, and is manageable in public. He used to shy away from affection but he now gives us hugs and kisses. He is even able to call me ‘mummy’! He has wowed us all.

– Excerpt from an email sent by a parent, March 2017 (For full version, please view video above).

Thank You for Your Commitment to Our Son. Our Son Enjoys Sessions Very Much!
We feel that ABA has helped improve a lot of daily skills for our son. Therapists from EAP have professionally and playfully implemented the ABA programs to achieve that. He is doing so much just after 6 months. For the therapy to be successful, commitments from parents and EAP therapists are needed. We are grateful for their commitments and regular check/ review on the things to do and concentrate on to ensure success.

– Parent of a 3 year old boy with Autism, 2015

Vast Language Improvement
He has starting having more language than what he had before ABA. He can now do some activities on his own and interacts well with children his age as oppose to only adults previously. He looks forward to his sessions at EAP daily because the therapist makes him feel comfortable.

– Parent of a 4 year old boy with Autism, 2015

Thanks a million!
Early Autism Project has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. My daughter started ABA therapy with EAP about 1.5 years ago. Since that time, we have seen positive changes in her. From a non verbal child, she now enjoy social activities with peers, interactive play, love being around people and has good eye contact.The positive and expert therapy has addressed her essential social and development needs.It is a great joy for us as parents to see our daughter on a path of progress and we are very grateful to the dedicated supervisors and therapists at EAP!

– Mommy of a 5 years old girl with Autism, 2013

EAP made an enormous difference
We’ve been privileged to work with the very talented and dedicated ABA therapists at EAP during our three years in Malaysia.

The ABA program implemented by EAP, in conjunction with complementary therapy sessions, has made an enormous difference in our son’s ability to communicate, to make friends, and to function independently. In addition to ABA, our son has participated in occupational therapy, bio-medical interventions (mainly the gluten-free, casein-free diet and nutritional supplements), and speech therapy based on Michelle Garcia Winner’s “Social Thinking” program. ABA and these complementary therapies have worked hand-in-hand to bring our son to the point where he can attend a mainstream (general education) classroom alongside same-age, neuro-typical peers with only limited extra assistance.

One of the best aspects of EAP has been its flexible implementation of ABA principles to teach skills our son needed to attend school successfully. Because our EAP therapists also shadowed our son at school, they were able to observe where he had skill deficits or sensory or behavioral issues. Based on their reports (as well as her own periodic observations), our EAP consultant was able to design programs tailored to teach the skills or modify the behaviors, and the therapists worked on the programs with our son during his home therapy sessions. The therapists then had the opportunity to see whether the new skills generalized to the school setting. This was really an ideal arrangement for us.

We are very grateful that EAP is providing much-needed services for children on the autism spectrum in KL. EAP’s presence was a decisive factor — indeed, the decisive factor — in our decision to accept a posting here.

– Chris & Marta, 2012

EAP has brought out the best in our little girl
EAP has brought out the best in our little girl. Brenda first met Maya when she could barely speak 1.5 years ago, just after she was diagnosed with Autism.

Today Maya is a happy chatty girl who is thriving in a mainstream kindergarten. With a combination of intensive ABA and biomedical intervention, Maya is now like a typical 4 year old girl.

We thoroughly recommend this positive and uplifting ABA approach to any parents or carers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A big thank you to all the team at EAP

– Paul & Marissa

Problems can be addressed immediately
We started ABA 10 years ago under a different service provider in Australia. Now we are with EAP Malaysia. With EAP Malaysia based here, cost wise it is more reasonable and the huge plus point is that problems with the ABA programme can be addressed immediately and your child’s time is not wasted.

EAP Malaysia has given good programs to my two kids to further develop the skills they have acquired from the first ABA service provider. We find them very professional and thorough when reviewing our kids’ program. They are also flexible in the sense adapting the ABA program to fit in with the average Malaysian customs and lifestyle.

We would definitely recommend this to new parents as it is an investment in your child’s future to improve his/her quality of life.

– Taufik and Shireen, Kuala Lumpur

Maximized Potential
ABA therapy has provided us with the structure with which to systematically co-ordinate all the different facets of Timothy’s learning. Although long hours are needed to achieve goals, EAP’s techniques have ensured that this is done in an enjoyable way.

Each child progresses in a different way and although Timothy’s progress has not skyrocketed, I believe that ABA has maximized his potential.

– Li Ling, mother of Timothy

He had grown into a bubbly, witty and happy seven year old
When I started ABA, my son was four years old having been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder less than a year before. Needless to say we were devastated and helpless.

When I heard about EAP which had just started their services in Malaysia a little over six months then, I grabbed the opportunity and I have not regretted since. It was as if a major load was lifted off my shoulder. I have a really dedicated and caring team of consultants, Consultants and therapists who work on my son like it is their mission in life.

From a child with little verbal response, poor attention span and happy being on his own, he has grown into a bubbly, witty and happy seven year old with a great sense of humour who loves being around people, affectionate, who is able to function independently and attend a mainstream school. For me, ABA is the way to go, at least for a start. ABA provides a platform to stand on before embarking onto other modalities of therapies.

I am glad I discovered it before it was too late for my little boy.

– Anonymous

My son started at national school!
My son had his first day in national school today. A big thank you to everyone at EAP. Without the team, it would have been difficult for my son to be here today.

– Recipient of The Hope Project Scholarship (2018), January 2020

Excellent programme that works and a team that cares
Thanks so much for all you have done for our son and these great records! Just all around EAP is such an excellent program – from the 1-to-1 therapy, debrief and coaching, to the parent meetings, to the amazing documentation completed every single day. Our son’s outstanding results prove it is a program that works, with great people who care ensuring his success.

– Titan’s Parents, December 2019

A Round of Gratitude for Your Commitment and Professionalism!
EAP has shown commitment and very professional service in administrating all their programs. Their programs are very structured with proper plans and records. Supervisors are very skilled, knowledgeable and most importantly helpful. Both my son and daughter have benefited a lot under EAP’s program. Thank you with all our hearts.

– Parent of a 9 year old boy with Autism, 2015

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!
Our journey with EAP started when Adhit got diagnosed to be on the spectrum and at a point when we didn’t know much about anything, let alone ABA. Our research let us to a meeting with Jo and the Team@EAP. In the very beginning we were quite skeptical if ABA could be of much help and felt more succumbed to the fate bestowed upon us. However, after just 3 months through the rigorous daily therapy, miraculous improvement was chartered and we could see the light at the end of it all. What mattered most was the dedication and hard work of the whole Team@EAP (and our lovely team lead/Supervisor, Nisha) assigned to us. They were all very professional, always on time and dedicated to provide the level of care and attention to attain Adhit’s short & long term goals.

We were also assured by the quarterly progress reviews of Adhit’s achievement done by EAP and the various principals from the USA. All we can say is that the structured way of the therapy conducted and progress tracking was instrumental to the result of Adhit now whom after 2.5 years with EAP is in a typical school participating very well on his own in the school’s sports day just last week. Just watching him run in his group as a team made us teared in happiness and for that we are eternally grateful to Jo, Nisha and the whole Team@EAP. From the bottom of our hearts we humbly say thank you very much & we truly appreciate all the hard work done with Adhit.

– Adhit’s Parents, May 2017

Overcoming Difficulties One Step at a Time
When my son was diagnosed to have autism, he was struggling and lagging far behind in a mainstream kindergarten. He also had difficulties with communication, aversion to certain foods and other behaviours associated with autism. Since starting ABA at EAP, we have watched him develop and work through these difficulties, one small step at a time. He has only been with EAP for 7 months but the difference is remarkable. We also understand him better and know how to help him. We have great hopes that he will grow up to be successful and lead a fulfilling life. He has just been re-enrolled in a mainstream kindergarten. Good job guys!

– Parent of a 5 year old boy with Autism, 2015

Vast improvement!
I’ve seen improvement in my child’s communication, basic living skills, as well as academic skills. From a non-verbal boy, he is now able to initiate simple conversations, has become toilet-trained, and has started counting numbers and reading! Thank you very much!

– Parents of a 5 year old boy with Autism, 2015

We Are Very Impressed
We are very impressed by EAP’s consultants and lead therapists. Their skill level and knowledge base compare favorably with those of the ABA professionals who worked with our son in the United States (before we moved to Malaysia). Our son’s team works tirelessly to improve his social interaction and the skills needed for him to fully participate in a mainstream school. EAP has tailored an individualized program for our son and continually updates it in response to his progress and emerging needs.

We especially appreciate that the therapists lead playgroups in our home, so that our son can practice interactive play with other children in a structured and guided environment. The therapists do such a good job of making the playgroups fun for all that other children actively seek to participate!

– Parents of a 5 year old boy with Autism, 2015

Thank you! Thank you!
EAP has saved our little girl and has helped her develop skills to survive in life. Our daughter was diagnosed with PDD-NOS after I had accepted employment in Malaysia but a few months prior to making the move. EAP was helpful from day one, providing us information from the other side of the world. Still, we arrived to Kuala Lumpur with a child with serious developmental issues. Within weeks, the impact EAP had on her was evident. After a mere six months in the program our hopes for our daughter have skyrocketed. I am convinced that the key to her success has been participating in EAP’s ABA style program. A child who could speak 25 words a year ago now has well over a thousand. A child who refused to make eye contact now initiates conversations. A child who used to play in isolation now actively seeks out her siblings and friends. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

– Greg & Krissy

A More Meaningful Life
My son has had tremendous improvement since he started undergoing ABA therapy under EAP. I decided on ABA for him after reading about its proven efficacy in rehabilitating children with ASD.

He has gained cognitive ability and many other skills under the expert guidance of Dr Sallows and the entire EAP team. Their professionalism, empathy and dedication have been invaluable in my son’s improvement.

He now engages happily with his siblings and the rest of the family. Thank you EAP for all that you have done to help Jojo live a more meaningful life.

– Zarina, mother of Zohair Ahmad Khan

No Limit Now
When we learnt that our son had mild autism, we began a long search for help and quite by chance, we stumbled upon EAP’s website. After reading it, we were convinced it was the best place to send our son based on the therapy methods explained in the website and thankfully, we have been proven right. EAP is all that it claims and more and we have absolutely no regrets about our decision whatsoever.

We see fantastic improvements in our son on a daily basis and the number of pleasant surprises we get about his development keeps multiplying. He is learning how to learn and is making connections and becoming increasingly spontaneous in a way we thought barely possible a year ago.

There really is no limit now and we believe that the foundation EAP has provided for our son is as solid as can be and will last him a lifetime.

– Ian & Rossilah

Tremendous Speech Improvement
Our daughter’s speech has improved tremendously in the past eight months.
She’s been putting sentences together very well and is now asking “Wh” questions like “Where are we going?” and “What’s this for?”
Her play skills have improved and we’re very happy especially to see her imaginative play come alive. She’s also come a long way in social skills and school readiness.
We are happy with the way ABA therapy is carried out and our daughter looks forward to school everyday.

– Parents of a 5-year old girl diagnosed with PDD-NOS

An All-Round Approach
EAP has been working with our family for almost 3 years now (our elder son since 2007, our younger in 2008). They provide ABA expertise but more importantly, the Consultants and consultants take on an “all-round” approach, regarding our sons as members of a family unit and how child and parent best fit together with our lifestyle needs taken into consideration. Clearly EAP recognises that the ultimate goals of the ABA programme depend on this.

We have received tremendous patience and support from the EAP staff known to us, their compassion and kindness never detracting from their professionalism. It was a good day when EAP came into our lives.

– Mother of a boy with autism and another with Asperger’s

Now she can even obey complex instructions
We have sent Suen Yi to the ABA program for a year now, and we can see significant improvements in her behaviour. She has picked up the ability to learn new skills very quickly, and she has great concentration in what she does these days.

We are currently focusing on her speech, and in the last months we have seen that she now understands basic conversations and can even obey complex instructions.

We are really pleased with how she has been progressing. We would like to thank Brenda and Suen Yi’s therapists, Jerusha, Cindy, Joanna, Annie, Lee Yuen and others who were in her team previously.

– Lin & Meng Ho, Suen Yi’s Mum and Dad

Useful Information
We are grateful that EAP provided us useful information. It is really helpful to my son as we can see some improvement shown by him. Thanks to all the staff who work with my son and we really appreciate the hard work given by them.

– Grateful mom, 2013

EAP has shown us that there is hope
My husband and I were devastated when we suddenly put all the pieces together and realised our 23 month old son was just not like other children his age and displayed a number of red flags for ASD.

After dealing with the grief and shock we acted immediately and found EAP here in Malaysia. From the very first contact EAP have bent over backwards to help us in every way possible. EAP acted immediately and implemented a program right away. Our son began the morning half-time programme at the centre and he has loved it from the very beginning… He can’t wait to go to school every morning…

In just 3 months we have seen a number of improvements. His poor eye contact is now on par with a typical child. He had little or no imitation skills but now these skills are out-standing. He is becoming increasingly more social with children his own age. When he started the programme he had zero words – he now tries to say 6 different words. A big step in 3 months.

– Jane & James Stewart

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