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[Feature Interview] BFM: The Positives of Raising an Autistic Child

A little late to highlight but always relevant: BFM interviews Jochebed on The Positives of Raising an Autistic Child. “To many families, hearing the diagnosis of autism can feel like bad news and a life sentence of hard work and confusion ahead. Yet it’s ignoring the fact that there are many positives associated with this as well, including skills in mathematics and aesthetics, focus, and even computer skills…”

[Feature Episode] Astro Awani

During Autism Awareness Month in April, EAP Malaysia had the privilege of being featured on Astro Awani two days in a row. We are excited to see that awareness on autism is indeed spreading fast in Malaysia!

[Feature Interview] BFM: Importance of Early Intervention in Autism

On the 5th of October 2011, our Director, Jochebed Isaacs was interviewed by BFM radio on the Importance of Early Intervention in Autism. For those of you who have yet to listen in, we’ve made it available for you right here: 21 minutes and 56 seconds of helpful information, explained in the most layman terms for those of us new to Autism.

EAP on The Bella Show

We had the honour of being featured live on The Bella Show, NTV7, last week, where our very own director, Jochebed Isaacs, spoke about autism, its symptoms, diagnosis and the need for awareness.