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Puberty in Autism Teens (Girls)

Most individuals with autism have a difficult time with changes and are very comfortable with familiarity and sameness. So one can imagine the stressfulness and uncertainty that occurs when their physical appearance start to change drastically and rapidly. It is not enough that they have a terrible time with changes, but that the changes are happening to themselves personally and that they have no control over the changes.

Autism, Personal Care and Grooming

Grooming skills and personal hygiene is something we all take for granted as a simple routine everyday. It is not until we become guardians of a child with autism that we understand how a simple routine can overwhelm one’s senses and the act of grooming is truly a combination of various skills put together to make one large complex skill.

Autism and Dietary Management

When it comes to food it can be very confusing to make the right decisions given all the choices; the information about what is “healthy” can be puzzling, your child’s temperament can be challenging and your own feelings around food can also impact how and what you feed your child.