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2023 EAP Staff Outing – JOM LEPAK!

On the 19th of May, we had our annual Staff Outing to celebrate the EAP team! In conjunction with Teacher’s Day, the events team organised the EAP Staff Outing 2023 with the theme ‘JOM LEPAK’ to appreciate our beloved EAP team members for going the extra mile with our kiddos each day. The term ‘Lepak’ means to relax, hang out or chill with no worries and just to have fun with each other. The team was also encouraged to dress up in respective cultural identities in line with the Malaysian theme.

The EAP events team went all out this year. We started with a delicious Malaysian-style breakfast at our Bangsar Center together! 

We then split into teams to solve clues to get to our next destination! Do check out the destinations we visited below!

1. Jalan Panggong

2. Chinatown

3. Little India

4. KLCC Park

5. Pasar Seni

6. Dataran Merdeka

Each team had to film a dance challenge at each location before solving a crossword puzzle which would lead us to our final destination whereby we met up as the full EAP team again to have a delicious lunch at Congkak, KL! Whilst waiting for the lunch to be served, the team got to engage in fun activities such as batik painting, playing Malaysian board games and childhood games!

Over lunch, the winners of the dance challenge were chosen and awarded a prize for their efforts! Our director, Jochebed Isaacs also gave an encouraging speech to honour the EAP team for their efforts and finally, we had a heartwarming poem written by our very own BCBA and Head of Clinical, Charmaine Koay, dedicated to the EAP team! 

Pit a pat pit a pat 

Little feet shuffling 

Ding dong, door bells ringing

Will it be a smile, a cry, perhaps a quiet hi

The heart faltering wait every morning 

The toys, the stimuli

What do I do today 

This target that strategy 

The sound of running feet

Aiyo not ready 

Hello buddy! I greet 

Set the tables, set the plays 

Set the goodies, do we do boogies? 

These are our lived out days 

You special hearts 

Are rare to find, rare indeed 

More than words in cards 

That’s YOU my teacher 

Always the best 

Forever and ever

It was a great day of fun, food and bonding with each other! Working with children on the spectrum is no easy feat and we’d like to once again give a big shoutout and heartfelt thanks to our amazing EAP team for all the dedication and strength they bring into each kiddo’s lives! We truly appreciate and honour you! 

Happy Teacher’s Day!