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Parents, siblings, relatives and carers

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is one of the most-awaited and celebrated days across the globe! Motherhood is said to be the purest form of human existence. The essence of motherhood has been described differently by many and must be equally respected.

Happy Father’s Day

A father once said, “Children are a gift. You truly learn the meaning of unconditional love when you become a father and this is amplified when you have a child with special needs.”

Happy Mother’s Day

Motherhood, the enchanted stage of life that equips women with the superpower needed to venture through this path of life full of thorns and tunnels, is indeed a bittersweet journey. Working with kids with special needs, we have witnessed the incredible strength of mothers..

Places to Visit this Hari Raya

As Malaysia moves on to the endemic phase, the Hari Raya celebration this year would be one that most resembles what we used to have pre-pandemic. This undoubtedly adds to the excitement and anticipation of the festive season, which we have missed for the past two years.