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Affordable Toys – Fun-Guaranteed!

In this season staying at home, it can be a handful for parents trying to manage their children and occupy their time fully at home. At times like these, the handy tools that could help parents out, giving you a breather while your children are having fun, are none other than — toys! Here we have compiled a series of toys that you can get online, in the hopes to ease your toy-hunting journey.

Gross Motor Ideas:

1. Tunnel

A play tunnel is a great indoor alternative to gross motor activity that children often play outdoors in the playground. Other than crawling through the tunnel, you can also play interactively with your children using this tunnel (e.g. while your child is inside the tunnel, shake the tunnel gently to mimic a tornado/earthquake, or pulling the tunnel across the room)

Get it here: Lazada

2. Kaleidoscope velcro dartboard

A fun and safe way for your child to practice aiming and throwing! You can also modify the distance to increase the challenge, or make it competitive by recording the points for each player! 

Get it here:  Decathlon

3. Cones

These colourful cones are multipurpose, as you can design a variety of activities with them. From dribbling a ball and cycling around the cones, to stacking according to colours and ring toss, the possibility is endless!

Get it here: Shopee

4. Spiky Stepping Stone

Other than providing interesting sensory input, this spiky stepping stone also trains one’s balancing skills! You can also set rules (e.g. only step on yellow stones/step on alternate stones) to make things extra fun!

Get it here: Shopee

Sensory Play Ideas:

1. Kinetic Sand

Let your child build sandcastles at home! Kinetic sand has a soft sandy texture, yet comes together well to form structures. 

Get it here: Shopee

2. Playfoam 

This squishy toy provides an interesting sensory exploration opportunity for your child! It also trains your child’s creativity in forming these foams into different shapes and items!

Get it here: Shopee

3. Soft Rubber Noodle

A good toy to occupy your child during transition or waiting times! Fidgeting with this may also allow your child to blow off steam, or replace inappropriate play behaviours!

Get it here: Shopee

4. Textured building blocks

These blocks spice up your child’s typical play routine by providing sensory input whilst training their gross motor skills in stacking and building!

Get it here: The Entertainer

Fine Motor Ideas:

1. LEGO/Building Blocks

Besides building structures, fixing these small lego enables your children to exercise their fine motor muscles too! Do keep in mind to have close adult supervision when your children are playing with toys with small parts!

Get it here: Lazada

2. Wooden Peg Board

This classic peg board trains hands eye coordination, as well as colour recognition and categorization!

Get it here: Shopee

3. Pretend Play (Doctor)-Simulated Operation

Other than developing fine motor skills, this pretend play set also cultivates imagination skills, as your children pretend to be little doctors performing a surgical procedure.

Get it here: Lazada

Water Play Ideas:

1. Inflatable Swimming Pool

One of the must-haves at home is an inflatable pool! Most children love water play or just making a good splash! But, other than using it as a pool, you can also use it for messy/sensory play by filling it with different materials!

Get it here: Shopee

2. Water Blaster

Water play with water blasters almost always guarantees fun! Other than shooting with water, you can also train aiming and motor coordination by shooting objects at a distance (paper cups, blocks etc.).

Get it here: Lazada

3. Water Beads

Squish it, smash it, let it roll, this popular sensory toy grows in the water and is a great material for water and sensory play! 

Get it here: Shopee

Arts and Crafts Ideas:

1. Paint Your Own Mini Tea Set

Unleash your child’s creativity through this painting activity! You can also organize a pretend play tea time for your child with their masterpieces after they are done!

Get it here: Shopee

2. 3D Folding Activity

Introduce your child to the fantastic world of origami through this activity! Folding crafts also train fine motor muscles, attention and coordination!

Get it here: Shopee

3. Sand Art

This classic craft comes in a variety of colours and pictures catering for a range of children of different age groups and preferences! 

Get it here: Shopee

4. Mould and Paint Animals

Spend quality time and engage with your child in this craft activity! Learn about different animal features and sounds while making your unique magnets or pins!

Get it here: Shopee

Pretend Play Ideas:

1. Kitchen Playset

Pretend play encourages imagination and cultivates interest in children! Let your little chef cook up some meals in this fun pretend kitchen! 

Get it here: Shopee

2. Pretend Play Set

Other than learning about different occupations and the tools they use, pretend play is also a good way to develop language skills! Take turns, role play different characters with your child and have fun!

Get it here: Shopee

Alternatively, there are also busy boxes that you can get to occupy your child! To raise awareness on autism, The Hope Project by EAP Malaysia collaborated with Malaysia Toys and curated The Blue Busy Box

The Blue Busy Box contains 5 fun art and crafts and sensory play activities that could keep your child entertained.

10% of the proceeds from your purchase of The Blue Busy Box goes to The Hope Project, a non-profit initiative by EAP Malaysia with the aim to make world class services for autism accessible for all!

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