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Did You Know? – #welcometohope Edition

This next series of news pieces are all about hope.

Trending all over the web, news and social media this past week has been a video of an inspirational father and son pair, Bill and Chris Davis. Born with physical disabilities, neurological damage and on top of that, diagnosed with autism, Chris, now 22, has had a very tough life. However, that did not stop Bill from seeking treatment and showing unconditional love towards his son. “I thought, ‘If he’s happy, if he stops hurting himself, if I could hug him… That would be the greatest gift in life.”

This video challenges the stereotype against autism, brings hope to anyone who watches it and serves as an inspirational message to those families affected by autism. Read up on this here.


In other news, Danyele Foster, diagnosed with autism as an adult, has turned her life around after reigniting her passion for horses and embarking on a career as a competitive equestrian. “I’ve always been incredibly passionate about horses, they sort of gave me an outlet as a child in the sense that I always read about them, drew them and that sort of thing,” she said. Read more about this woman and her story here.

Speaking about hope, Kerry Magro, a 28-year-old man who was diagnosed with autism at four, was selected by Hudson Media Group to host his own cable TV series called the “Different is Beautiful Show.” Today, Magro is one of the only people with autism in the country to both have a certification in public speaking from the national Speakers Association and host their own TV series. Magro has overcame the odds and said “Autism can’t define me. I define autism.” Read more about it here.


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