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EAP Events – Sibling Day

On the 5th of September, we held our last Sibling Day for the year. We saw 6 children from 4 different families come together for a day of bonding and fun-filled activities. From fun games to sharing time, it is without a doubt that the children left with a assurance that they were not alone in this journey.

We started off the day with an ice-breaker called “The Name Game” as a round of introductions. The children then had the chance to decorate their own ice cream with Oreo cookies, cornflakes biscuits and marshmallows. This was where most of the children showed off their creativity. Two of them even made faces on the ice cream with the cookies and biscuits!

It was then Sibling Time, the children were involved in a couple of activities. Firstly, the “Sound-Off” was where they got to write and share who they wished they could tell one thing about their sibling with special needs to. The “Wheel of Feelings Beanbag Toss” was an interactive game, where while a Wheel of Feelings was spun, the children took turns to toss a beanbag onto the wheel, and depending on where the beanbag landed, they had to share on that topic. For example, if the beanbag landed on “Proud”, they would share a moment where they felt proud about themselves, and another moment where they were proud about their sibling with autism. These activities provided a fun and creative avenue for the children to share what has been on their heart, both positive and negative feelings.

After that, it was all games, both indoor and outdoor. Some of these games included “Fox and Chicken”, “Red-Handed”, “Last Kid Standing”, “Balloon Stomp” and of course, a water balloon war. These games allowed the children to bond, work in teams and most importantly, interact with children going through the same thing as they were.

We can’t wait for our next EAP Sibling Day! If you are looking for a support group for your children, or if you know they are going through a hard time accepting and coping with a singling with autism, Sibling Day is perfect for them. Watch out for announcements regarding our next Sibling Day in January!