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EAP Family Day 2016

Over the weekend on May 28th, we held our annual Family Day for our kids and their families. This year, we hosted a Sports Day for the first time ever and it was a huge success!

We started off with some trickle in activities while families started to arrive. We had booths for the kids to be involved in, as well as a photobooth.

Our very own emcees, Harkishen, one of our big boys along with his supervisor, Nisha, kicked off the event with a warm welcome. A short warm up for everyone followed.

Let the games begin! We had races for everyone, including siblings and parents. We started off with a “Pass The Baton” relay race and a “Water In The Bottle” race for the intermediate kids.

The toddlers group then took part in “Ball In The Basket” and “Hidden Treasures” races.

We had another version of “Hidden Treasures” set up for the siblings too!

Lastly, we got all the parents together for a three-legged race as their kids watched and cheered them on!

Just like any typical sports day event, we had a prize giving ceremony with our director, Jochebed Isaacs. The best part was that every kid and their sibling got to be a winner that day! Everyone won medals, whether or not they won

It was definitely a morning to remember, not just for the kids, but for their families as well. A huge shoutout to our team who made it possible!

Here’s a short highlight video from our Family Day this year.