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EAP Family Day Highlights 2017

Every year, we at EAP host our Annual Family Day to celebrate Mother’s Day as well as the upcoming Father’s Day as well as all the siblings and rest of the family as well.

Last Saturday, the 20th of May 2017, we took the time to celebrate and honour our children, their parents, siblings, grandparents, nannies, relatives and even friends!

It was a fun-filled celebration as our kids had different performances including a tribute speech, Zootopia skit and dances, as well as enjoyed Lucky Dips and Lucky Draws, kids activities and of course the Jungle Gym itself! There was a special Honour Moment, tribute video to all parents and personalised gifts for each family.

On behalf of every child, we say thank you to every parent, sibling and family member for all your sacrifices and for doing everything you can to help your kids. They are where they are today because of you and your family. Thank you for not giving up on them, on your marriages and your families.

On behalf of all of us at EAP, we deeply respect and admire each of you and are committed to working together with you to continue to see our kids achieve their best potential!

Here is a little video to recap some of the moments from our celebration.

(Due to our confidentiality policy, many families and children are not featured in this video).