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EAP Family Day 2015

On the 15th August, last Saturday, EAP Malaysia held our first ever (but definitely not last!) EAP Family Day to celebrate all the families of our kids. It was a carnival themed event, with a bouncy castle and pinwheels, special booths for ring toss, count the candy, face painting and tattoos! It was a huge success as we saw families come together on a Saturday morning to see their kids perform, dance, sing and act on stage. There was pride and love on every single face throughout the kids’ performances. These are the moments we work for, the moments we look forward to. We also had an honour moment, where we specially honoured one family for the incredible sacrifice they make to make sure their child receives 35 full hours of therapy as recommended.

We designed our own carnival signs, catered to the different booths and activities we hosted for our kids.

We also had our very own carnival survival kit, which contained a handmade fan, water bottles and tickets for the photobooth.

All in all, our team worked hard but happily to make sure the deco for the day was perfect, and that everyone who came would feel welcomed and loved.

We even had our very own gates transformed into boxes of popcorn!

Here are some of the fonts you need to have a carnival themed event. (The fonts can be downloaded from and


Coffee Tin

Armenian Circus






KG Arrows

Tuscan MF

We have also provided some free printable for you, so you, too, can host your very own carnival themed event!

Click here for the booths signages.

Click here for the arrowed signs.

We look forward to more events like these, to celebrate and honour not just one family, but every single individual who puts in effort and sacrificial love into changing the world, one child at a time.