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EAP Honour Moment

One of our core values here at EAP Malaysia is Honour. We strongly believe in honouring each and every one of our team members, regardless of their position. Honour moments are when we celebrate a team member each month who has gone above and beyond what is required of them. Just last week, we honoured Tracy Wong, for her spirit of excellence in every single thing she does.

Tracy being honoured during our first ever Honour Moment

In her everyday job, Tracy is as teachable as one can be. According to her supervisors, she is proactive and constantly checking in with them as well as the team members when it comes to the kids she work with. On top of all these, one of the kids she works with has been showing improvement every week! Her passion for the job and the child-centricity she carries is contagious, and it is definitely something worth honouring.

Tracy was heavily involved in our #ProjectHope Christmas Edition last year. One of the places we brought hope to was Pusat Kasih Sayang, a centre housing 15-20 women affected by down syndrome. Tracy came along as a volunteer along with 3 of our other team members. But more than that, Tracy came up with activities for the women, including DIY Christmas Wreaths. She also whipped up some choices of manicure and pedicure designs, making sure the women felt pampered and loved.

Just like Tracy, we don’t ever want to lose sight of why we do what we do for the kids and their families.