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EAP Hooray Moment

This month, we at EAP Malaysia would like to honour one of our team members, Mardhiyah binti Amirudin (Mardhi for short).

Mardhi showing one of the children she works with some exercises during her session.

She joined the team in March this year, and due to her outstanding performance in her everyday job, she was promoted to be a core team member after her probationary period.

Mardhi is exemplary with the children she works with. For example, one of her children who previously needed a lot of prompting to use PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) to request for an item, has shown a vast improvement and actually started walking towards her to request for toys, as the way she enticed really motivated the child. That same child maintains great eye contact with her and even said “can you come please” without prompting to get her to come and play.

Another child who she works with, who was on toilet training, successfully had his first poo in the toilet in one of her sessions! Here at EAP, we celebrate successful toilet runs all the time. But little do most people know, Mardhi worked hard behind the scenes to ensure her child’s success. She observed the signs, little non-verbal actions the child did before needing to go to the toilet, gathered every bit of information, and then waited for the exact moment to bring the child to the toilet.

According to her supervisor, Jenny, “Mardhi is very proactive. She does not mind going the extra mile to get things done, such as rearranging kids’ stimuli and making creative, new reinforcers for her kids. She demonstrates excellence, constantly tries new things with her kids, and is never shy to ask questions.” With a masters degree and currently undergoing training with Charmaine, one of our supervisors, she holds potential to become a supervisor herself. With the passion and determination she shows, her future is shining brighter than ever.