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[Feature Article] Malaysia Chronicle: Walk for Autism

Overshadowed by Bersih but still a very special and inaugural ‘Walk for Autism’

Written by Sarah Lim | Friday, 04 May 2012 15:14

Overshadowed by Bersih but still a very special and inaugural ‘Walk for Autism’

On the 28 April 2012, Early Autism Project Malaysia held their first annual Walk for Autism at Bangkung Park, Bangsar. There were 497 pre-registrations and more than 300 registered people who showed up on the day itself, not counting walk-in registrations as well.

The host for the day was none other than Capital FM’s deejay Asha Gill. Before the 5km walk began, EAP Malaysia’s Director Jochebed Isaacs gave a brief but informative introduction on autism, stating that awareness on autism and early intervention is of utmost importance.

The walk took slightly more than an hour to complete and participants were treated to free iced Milo from a Milo van waiting at the finish point.

Fun for all

Two clowns joined the walk as well, keeping the atmosphere lively and fun for participants of all ages. Various exhibition, food, and children’s booths were set up for participants to enjoy throughout the day.

Beautiful artworks by children with autism were on display as well as posters containing basic knowledge on autism.

A lucky draw contest was held and 5 hampers worth RM50 to RM100 were given out to winners as well as artwork done by one of the youth from our centre, Chuah Chern Yi.

Among those who assisted the flow of events were students from HELP University College, the Scouts from SMK Damansara Utama, RELA, and first-aiders from St. John’s.

Early Autism Project Malaysia would like to thank their participants and sponsors for making this event a successful one. Skymolite (M) Sdn Bhd, Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia (RELA), Plenitude Berhad, Golden Arches Restaurant Sdn Bhd (Mcdonalds), TSL,, Daily Muscle Body Transformation Camp, Cupcake Chic, Health Lane, Skylace, Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Bandaraya, Love on Wheels Healthcare Services Sdn Bhd, Herbal Life, and several individuals.

–  Early Autism Project Malaysia

This article was taken directly from the Malaysian Chronicle [update: link no longer available].