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iPad As a Visual Modelling Tool

Recently there was a snippet of EAP in the news. One of our therapists was observed using the iPad as a visual modelling tool. A visual model (or video model) is a form of observational learning in which desired behaviors are learned by watching a video demonstration and then imitating the targeted behavior. In other words, our therapists will record themselves engaging in the expected behavior and show it to the children. Our kids will watch the video and learn what is expected of them. Henceforth, therapist and child will role model and practice the targeted behavior.

Here at EAP Malaysia, the iPad is widely used by our kids and staff. Most times, the iPad is a motivating factor for our children, thus used solely as a reinforcer to reward our kids after they have reached a specific target or collected enough tokens. Other times the iPad can be used to do certain programs in a more approachable and fun way. Children can learn to differentiate items and match them to those similar as well as learn do to puzzles. With this method our children simultaneously become reinforced whilst learning.


While the iPad is widely used with our kids at EAP Malaysia, the most common usage of the iPad around the globe is as a communication tool. Those that are non-verbal can find their voice through the use of various apps that have been specifically designed for these individuals. Here’s a short video showing how the use of an iPad can go a long way for individuals with autism.