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Places to Visit for CNY 2022

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

It’s the time of the year, where Chinese celebrate new beginnings, send well wishes for better health, wealth and prosperity. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we are so excited! Here we have compiled a list of places that you and your kiddos can visit to immerse in this festive season! With workshops, festive shows, events and not missing out the stunning decorations, it’s a guaranteed fun family time!

1. One Utama Shopping Centre

From 6th of January to the 6th of February, One Utama will be organising a series of Chinese New Year shows 

Besides, there will also be a “Chinese New Year Pasar Malam”, where you can get your festive items and food!

2. Mid Valley Megamall

The Mid Valley Megamall will also be running a series of events and workshops in conjunction with Chinese New Year! 

3. Suria KLCC

Besides the stunning decorations, Suria KLCC will also be having lion dance performances, interactive projections, and more to welcome the new year!

4. IOI Mall Puchong

You can also check out the kids workshop at IOI Mall Puchong, in addition to a long list of festive shows from January up to mid-February!

5. IPC Shopping Centre

Check out the Kid’s Craft Workshops at IPC Shopping Centre, along with many other fun festive activities and performances!

6. 1 Mont Kiara

To celebrate this Chinese New Year, 1 Mont Kiara is organising a series of workshops, festive performances and shows!

To make this visit a greater experience for your child, here are some things you might want to consider before going to the mall:

  • Going earlier: there’s a higher chance for you to get a convenient parking space.
  • Predictability: using a social story or visual schedule, inform your child on what is going to happen and outline the activities of the day.
  • Reservations: whenever possible, make advanced bookings (e.g. order your food in advanced) to minimise waiting times
  • Occupy your child: bring a busy pack with activities that could keep your child occupied during waiting times.
  • Calming tools: calming tools (e.g. earmuffs, calming toys) come in handy as a preventative/reactive strategy for meltdowns.
  • Calming rooms: Check out if there are any calming rooms or areas in the mall.

During the visit:

  • Keep an eye on your child’s condition: they may feel anxious or become unregulated, and need guidance to calm them down before it escalates into a meltdown.
  • Basic needs: make sure that their basic needs are met
  • Handling meltdowns:
    • Use short, simple phrases to communicate with them
    • Bring them to a calming room/space 
    • Guide them to calm down using the calming tools or other calming exercises (deep breathing exercise, counting, squeezing hands etc.)

Remember, 90% of our effort should be focused on preventative strategies and 10% on reactive strategies. With adequate preparations, we hope you spend an amazing family time with all the workshops, shows and events!

For more information on how to prepare your child for a successful Chinese New Year celebration, please check out our blog post here! You can also click here for more strategies on preparing your child for a reunion dinner.

Last but not least, remember to wear your masks, sanitise your hands and make sure to maintain social distance with others when you find yourself at crowded places! Let’s be mindful to adhere to the SOPs strictly at all times, to protect yourself and your loved ones while enjoying this festive season!

May the year of the tiger bless us with good health and abundance!

Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at EAP!


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