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Chris & Marta, 2012

Chris & Marta, 2012

EAP made an enormous difference

We’ve been privileged to work with the very talented and dedicated ABA therapists at EAP during our three years in Malaysia.

The ABA program implemented by EAP, in conjunction with complementary therapy sessions, has made an enormous difference in our son’s ability to communicate, to make friends, and to function independently.  In addition to ABA, our son has participated in occupational therapy, bio-medical interventions (mainly the gluten-free, casein-free diet and nutritional supplements), and speech therapy based on Michelle Garcia Winner’s “Social Thinking” program.  ABA and these complementary therapies have worked hand-in-hand to bring our son to the point where he can attend a mainstream (general education) classroom alongside same-age, neuro-typical peers with only limited extra assistance.

One of the best aspects of EAP has been its flexible implementation of ABA principles to teach skills our son needed to attend school successfully.  Because our EAP therapists also shadowed our son at school, they were able to observe where he had skill deficits or sensory or behavioral issues.  Based on their reports (as well as her own periodic observations), our EAP consultant was able to design programs tailored to teach the skills or modify the behaviors, and the therapists worked on the programs with our son during his home therapy sessions.  The therapists then had the opportunity to see whether the new skills generalized to the school setting.  This was really an ideal arrangement for us.

We are very grateful that EAP is providing much-needed services for children on the autism spectrum in KL.  EAP’s presence was a decisive factor — indeed, the decisive factor — in our decision to accept a posting here.