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Taufik and Shireen, Kuala Lumpur

Taufik and Shireen, Kuala Lumpur

Problems can be addressed immediately

We started ABA 10 years ago under a different service provider in Australia. Now we are with EAP Malaysia. With EAP Malaysia based here, cost wise it is more reasonable and the huge plus point is that problems with the ABA programme can be addressed immediately and your child’s time is not wasted.

EAP Malaysia has given good programs to my two kids to further develop the skills they have acquired from the first ABA service provider. We find them very professional and thorough when reviewing our kids’ program. They are also flexible in the sense adapting the ABA program to fit in with the average Malaysian customs and lifestyle.

We would definitely recommend this to new parents as it is an investment in your child’s future to improve his/her quality of life.