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World Autism Awareness Month 2018 Highlights

April is always a big month for us here at EAP, because it is World Autism Awareness Month! It was such an eventful month and our greatest efforts thus far in raising awareness and promoting acceptance for autism in our city! Here’s a snapshot of what took place throughout the month-long campaign:


This year, we conducted presentations in 19 different schools across the Klang Valley! #KindnessStartsWithMe continued to be the theme for our school tour campaigns, with hopes to reach out to more schools and students this time. This time around, we set out to educate and empower almost 6000 students about Autism, accepting differences, and how that it is important for them to be kind and accepting towards one another. To top it off, it is also our first time presenting in Mandarin and Malay in public schools! We also printed our #lovesomeonewithautism wristbands to be given out as prizes.


As the social media campaign was launched, we produced an acceptance campaign video to reach out to the masses on why children with Autism deserves to be accepted and loved in the community. The video features our own children with autism, telling us more about themselves and what they find challenging. At the end of April, the video had garnered more than 52,000 views on Facebook, YouTube as well as Instagram.

If you haven’t watched the video, check it out HERE!


In conjunction with Autism Awareness Month in April, we launched a social media campaign, aimed to raise awareness and acceptance for individuals with Autism on a bigger scale. With the campaign, we set out to educate and empower the public to be aware, learn and love individuals with Autism.

We saw many individuals and communities posting on their social media accounts about autism and why they love someone with autism. These pictures can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #lovesomeonewithautism.


In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Month as well as our acceptance campaigns, we have launched a new line of merchandise, with our tagline #lovesomeonewithautism. We saw a great influx of requests and orders for the T-shirts and have successfully sold out our T-shirts twice over the month of April. In showing support for the campaign, several organizations had also shared pictures of themselves in the T-shirts, aiming to spread the word about autism.


In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Month, RIUH collaborated with and sponsored a space for EAP Malaysia, set to reach out to the event goers, educate and empower them to love someone with autism. We also set out to raise funds for The Hope Project through the sales of our merchandise. At the end of the weekend, we were able to speak in person to more than 300 people on autism and The Hope Project, and raised over RM 2,000.


In 2017, Elysium, Le Noir, Drift and Pisco launched the Dance for Hope fundraising campaign for The Hope Project and successfully raised enough funds to start an underprivileged child, Ashton, on a scholarship with EAP Malaysia, to receive one year of fully-funded therapy. On the 10th of March, we officially launched The Hope Project Scholarship by awarding it to Ashton during our EAP Public Workshop. Ashton started therapy with EAP Malaysia on World Autism Awareness Day, 2nd of April, and currently has a team of 2 therapists and one supervisor working to help Ashton learn. The progress and development of Ashton can be observed through an Instagram account managed by his team.

Check out The Hope Project’s Instagram page to stay updated on Ashton’s progress throughout the course of therapy!


Along with the social media campaign, we set out to educate and empower parents, educators and the general public to learn about Autism and strategies that can be implemented in order to help children with Autism learn and cope with their daily life. We held 1-hour sessions of live talks and Q&A segments with EAP Malaysia’s supervisors over four consecutive Mondays in the month of April. In case you missed out, you can watch the recorded videos of each of the topics below:

Check out the highlight video of all that has happened here at EAP throughout the month of April!

If you would like us to be involved in autism awareness and acceptance campaigns in your schools, universities, or workplaces, drop us an email HERE and we will be in touch with you!