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7 inspiring stories you need to hear right now

Everyone needs a dash of hope and inspiration at times. These are real life stories involving children with autism themselves, their parents and the public community, all of whom play their part in making the world a better place for individuals with autism.

1. McDonald’s went ‘above and beyond’ after a boy with autism lost his happy meal toys

A story of a boy with autism who lost his collection of Angry Birds-themed Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s, and receiving a surprise package in the mail after his mum wrote into McDonald’s asking to purchase their old Happy Meal toys.

“Anyone who has a child with autism knows how hard it is for them to take to new toys and it is very rare for them to find something they love,” Duggan told the station. “To most people this would be a stupid delivery to get, for my little boy it was like Christmas morning!!! McDonald’s went above and beyond for my small man and I can’t thank them enough.”

2. I celebrate the birthday of my son with autism his way, not mine

So there may not have been a cake in sight today or a donkey pinned on my living room wall for that matter. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had a nice day!

There was no flashing birthday badge pinned to his school jumper or treat-sized chocolates for his classmates this morning. But that’s OK! He woke up and his smile melted my heart. He enjoyed his birthday croissants and a cup of tea while reading the texts from his family, giggling at the lovely messages they had sent him.”

3. To the firefighter who sang to my autistic daughter

A man dedicated to not only save lives like he was trained to, but to go above and beyond in caring for anyone in any way possible. His act of service is one that inspires many.

“I believe you were an angel in the flesh who was sent to us for a reason. You are the reason I was able to keep breathing. Knowing my child was safe and not in pain allowed me to take another breath.”

4. To the mum who was right about your child’s autism diagnosis

“You know what else you were right about? That everything is going to be OK; that this is the first step on a path that is going to good places for your son; and that the struggles he has experienced were neither your fault nor his.”

5. The valuable lesson my nonverbal daughter taught her class

A more than inspiring story of a 5 year old non-verbal girl with autism helping her friends out in class.

“The most unlikely child in the class had taught them all a lesson that day. The child diagnosed with a communication disorder actually showed them all how to communicate.”

6. Three words my son with autism doesn’t say but tells me every day

“How do you know he loves you? Does he say those three little words?

He doesn’t use his words, but he tells me he loves me, a hundred times a day, in a hundred different ways. He tells me with his eyes, when he wakes up and I’m the first person he sees. He smiles the faintest of smiles, with his puffy morning-eyed slumber and I know I’m the luckiest person in the world. I sneak in a snuggle and breathe in the smell of life from the top of his head, and I wish I could cancel the world and stay in bed with him all day.”