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Autism Friendly Outlets

Some children with autism struggle with tolerance and sensitivity issues, for example, they might find loud noises and crowds distressing. As a result, going out for a simple shopping trip can be a challenge for families with children on the spectrum. However, we believe that their quality of life shouldn’t be compromised. Children with autism and their family should be able to still enjoy quality time together outside. Hence, to help ease the hassle of an outing, here are some autism and child-friendly places in Malaysia!

  1. Sunway Putra Mall

(Photo taken from: Sunway Putra Mall)

  • First Autism Friendly Mall in Malaysia! 
  • Family with children on the spectrum can apply to be an “Autsome” member to enjoy the privileges while shopping at Sunway Putra Mall
  • Features: Autism Friendly Shopping Day every Tuesday
    • Reserved parking, dimmed lights and low volume, assistance to enhance shopping experience
  • Amenities: calm room and sensory walls 
  1. Family Friendly Cinema Halls
  • Playground or Play Area in the cinema hall-children can play whilst adult enjoy the movie
  • Also offers a variety of seats that you can select based on your preference!
  • Equipped with amenities such as baby rooms, kids’ toilets etc.
  1. MBO Kecil

(Photo taken from: TrendGrnd)

  • Seats: Family Beds, Beanie couches, normal seat
  • Available at: Atria Shopping Gallery
  1. GSC Play +

(Photo taken from GSC Cinemas Twitter)

(Photo taken from: Free Malaysia Today)

  • Playground and reading corner at waiting area
  • Seats: individual beanbag, single seats, twin seats, cuddle couch
  • Available at: Starling Mall, IOI Mall Puchong, GSC 3 Damansara, Tropicana Gardens Mall
  1. Farm in the City

(Photo taken from: Farm In The City)

  • We have organised our field trip to Farm in the City back in 2019, and our kiddos had a blast! It was indeed a great venue to visit if your child is into animals and nature.
  • It is a spacious park, with places to rest as well, if your child gets tired in the middle of the trip.
  • Many attractions: 18 animals and plants stations!
  • You and your child can feed and pet some of the animals, experience pony rides, bird aviary, and more!
  1. Starling Mall

(Photo taken from: The Starling)

  • “Mall in the Park”, Starling Mall has 2 parks where you and your family can rejuvenate and reconnect with nature!
  • Perfect place if your child is fond of nature and loves running around – Starling Mall offers plenty of space with natural light even inside the mall!
  • Amenities: baby rooms and family washroom available at every floor!
  1. Autism Cafe Project Malaysia

(Photo taken from: Adli Yahya’s Facebook)

  • Located at DaMen Mall in USJ, the Autism Cafe Project was founded by Mohd Adli Yahya, a father whose son is on the spectrum.
  • The cafe is run by autistic youths, who are trained to manage tasks according to their abilities.
  • Signature dishes include honey glazed chicken rice, bingka pandan, and more!


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  3. Farm in the City:
  4. Starling Mall:
  5. Autism Cafe Project: