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Autism awareness

Creating a bully-free world for children with autism

We’ve all probably heard of, or even witnessed one, how individuals with autism are bullied because of how they may be different. In today’s society, it is evident that individuals with autism are especially vulnerable to bullying as compared to their typically developing peers.

7 Things We Want All Superdads To Know

Superdads – that’s what you are! Raising a child with autism has its challenges, but it definitely is rewarding. And if you didn’t already know, you are a superhero in their eyes. Your sacrifice, patience, perseverance and persistence – we want to thank you for all that you do and all that you are to your child. With that, here are 7 things we want all superdads to know this Father’s Day. …

Survey: Malaysian’s General Understanding About Autism

April will always be a special month for us as we join the world in celebrating World Autism Awareness Month. As part of our initiative in 2016 in spreading awareness and acceptance of autism, we wanted to find out what the general public understands about autism. Hence, we developed a mini survey and a total of 250 people consisting mainly of Malaysians took part in it. All they had to do was answer five true or false questions regarding autism. The results surprised us, so do read on to find out about it!

Did You Know? – Family Edition

Raising children with autism is not an easy feat. However, it is as rewarding and fulfilling as it can get. There has been many videos, stories and news articles focused on families affected by autism, be it from a parent’s or sibling’s point of view. …

World Autism Awareness Month Interactive Video

In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Month, we at EAP Malaysia came up with an interactive video to raise autism awareness. Throughout the month, many people took part in this activity and got a glimpse of what autism is like in terms of communication.