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Autism awareness

How To Support Your Friend With Autism In School

Dear parents, does your child have friends with autism in school? Or students, do you have anyone in your circle of friends affected by autism? Well, this video will show you some tips on how you can help make school a more meaningful experience for a child with autism.

Preparing your child with autism for World Autism Awareness Day and other events!

In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day on the 2nd of April, we will be hosting an event at UCSI University’s North Wing. This is going to be an exciting event, where there will be a special ‘Paint For Autism’ project, a presentation by Dr. Nan Huai from our parent company (Wisconsin Early Autism Project), information booths, fun activities for the kids as well as special performances.

Autism awareness around the world

This year, on the 2nd of April, we celebrate the ninth annual World Autism Awareness Day! And, if you didn’t know, the whole of April is World Autism Awareness Month, too! We would like to share what’s happening around the world in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day this year.

Autism Awareness In Malaysia

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that cannot be cured
through medication. It is a lifelong and pervasive disorder which means that individuals diagnosed with
the disorder have needs that are extensive.