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EAP 2018 Mid Year Highlights

As we kick off our third and final term for 2018, we want to take a moment to reflect back on all that has taken place thus far here at EAP. We’d love to celebrate and share some of our highlight moments with all of you!

EAP School

We launched our EAP School internally for a few of our kiddos! It has been almost 2 full terms since our kiddos started attending the EAP School, and at the end of each term, they have Report Card days with the parents, and even throw a mini-party for the kiddos!

EAP Big Boys Club

Our Big Boys continued with their vocation training programme, making delicious meals and snacks such as Golden Cornflake Cookies, Nasi Lemak, even DIY sugar scrubs as gifts for Teacher’s Day and Mother’s Day! What’s more, they even started their own Instagram page which you can also follow to stay updated!

Social Skills Group Classes

We continued to run group classes for our Early and Intermediate Learners. We also organised a field trip at the end of the term to the Fire Station!

Progress Reviews

Once every 6 months, we invite a BCBA Consultant from our parent company, Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP) to conduct Progress Reviews with all of our kiddos! In March 2018, we had the honour of having Kerry Hoops (BCBA) to conduct the reviews.

EAP Public Workshop

In March 2018, we also conducted a Public Workshop, on The Principles of the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), where we saw parents, educators, and professionals in attendance!

World Autism Awareness Month

All throughout the month of April 2018, in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Month, we launched various campaigns in efforts to raise awareness and promote acceptance of autism, within Malaysia, as well as globally!

As part of our efforts, we ran acceptance campaigns in 19 different schools and universities, launched an acceptance video featuring our very own children with autism, conducted Q&A Sessions on Facebook Live, released limited edition #LoveSomeoneWithAutism merchandise, and so much more! To find out more about our highlights from World Autism Awareness Month, you can click HERE.

The Hope Project

We continued our partnership with IDEAS Autism Centre, with one of our supervisors going in once a week to provide ongoing support and recommendations. We also launched The Hope Project for an adorable boy named Ashton, to provide him with 1 year of fully-funded one-to-one ABA therapy programme.

Certified Training

Our team continues to develop their clinical skills through our internal Certified Training, conducted by one of our own supervisors, on various topics such as Behaviour Management, Social Skills, School Shadowing, etc.

Kiddos Speaking and Attending Schools

  • Almost 50% of our kiddos are in mainstream schools!
  • 15% of our kiddos are in special education support schools!
  • 50% of our kiddos have clear and typical speech!
  • 30% of our kiddos have emerging speech!

Other Highlights and Achievements of our Kiddos

  • One of our kiddos successfully travelled overseas for the first time!
  • A few of our kiddos welcomed new siblings!
  • Our kiddos learned how to be safe while in the car!
  • Our kiddos who may struggle with food tolerance issues have been eating/trying new food!
  • Two of our kiddos participated in an open sea swimming competition!

Check out the highlight video of all that has happened here at EAP throughout the first half of the year!

We are hoping and believing for a greater rest of the year, filled with more breakthroughs and achievements!