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EAP Resource – How to Make Slime in 5 Minutes

Here is another quick project that you can whip up for your kids, especially for sensory play and even interactive and peer play! You can also make this with your kids as this is a pretty safe DIY project, but do ensure that there is heavy supervision, and that the Borax, slime and any fingers involved are kept away from the eyes, nose and mouth.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

Set A:

  1. 1 spoon of glue
  2. 2 spoons of water
  3. 2 drops of food colouring (according to colour preference)

Set B:

  1. Half a teaspoon of borax
  2. 1 spoon of water

Follow these steps to get your slime!

  1. Mix items in Set A together.
  2. Mix items in Set B together.
  3. Mix Set A and Set B together, and you get your slime!

Check out this video tutorial on how to make slime in 5 minutes:



You can add glitter, or use glitter glue to replace the normal glue, to add some sparkles in your slime!

Too much Borax can lead to a hardened dough-like texture (as seen in the video), and too little Borax can cause the end product to be too watery.

Thats it! It is as simple as that. We would love to hear how your slime turned out, so comment below!