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EAP Staff Outing 2022

Last Saturday, for the first time in two years, we finally had our annual Staff Hangout in person at Tropicana Gardens Mall! In conjunction with Teacher’s Day, the events team organised our EAP Staff Outing 2022, to appreciate all the Superheroes for Autism, our beloved EAP team members, for always having the biggest hearts for our kiddos, and relentlessly going the extra mile for their success. Whilst having a hearty breakfast at Coffee Bean, the leadership team led fun activities conducted in stations, where our EAP team members could pour their hearts out at the chit chat station, unleash their creativity at the Art & Craft and DIY station, challenge their mind at the Brain Teaser station, have fun at the Board Game station and relax themselves at The Spa Station! Look at all the fun we had!

With celebrations big in our culture, we also celebrated all the May (and June) babies.

Not forgetting the awards to appreciate our awesome EAP staff members! 

Highest Team Fundraising for WAAM 2022 Award

Highest Individual Fundraisers for WAAM 2022 Award

Most Reliable Award

Grit Award

Finally, we move on to a private screening of a movie at GSC Cinema. Unknown to our team members, we surprised our team members with a special teacher’s day video featuring our kiddos thanking their beloved teachers! Then, we proceed to watch “The Reason I Jump”, a movie on a true story of individuals living with autism. 

Working with children in the spectrum is no small feat, and one little step forward for our kiddos could easily make our day. A big shoutout and heartfelt thanks to our amazing EAP team for all the dedication, strength, joy and successes you bring into our kiddo’s lives! We truly appreciate and honour you.

Happy Teacher’s Day!