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The Hope Project – Last Week at EAP Malaysia

#ProjectHope is all about bringing hope to the community in various ways. Being able to give to the community is one of our biggest passion we look forward to where #ProjectHope leads us to.

It has been a very eventful week at EAP Malaysia. It is without a doubt, the biggest honour to be able to equip, share and speak to our community. Check out what our team has been involved in over the past week

Parent Support Group @ Full Gospel Assembly

On Saturday the 26th of September, our director, Jochebed Isaacs, was invited to share to a group parents of children with special needs.

The topic of the day revolved around social stories and visual models. We started off with a short introduction on Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and then continued to talk about social stories.

After a few examples of different social stories, the parents got into group of 4-5 and were asked to come up with a social story based on a specific situation given. This opened the floodgates of creativity they might not even have known they had. We ended the session by talking about video models and showing a few examples by our very own team. We enjoyed seeing the eagerness and the hope each and every parent had for their child. We even had the privilege of meeting and talking to some of the children.

PETRONAS Exhibition for Klinik GHSE dan Rakan-rakan

EAP Malaysia took part in an exhibition held by PETRONAS on the 29th of September focusing on children with special needs.

This exhibition was held specially for the PETRONAS staff who were looking for a place of hope for their children with special needs. Along with other service providers and companies catering for different special needs, we saw many parents walk through the doors throughout the day.

One of our supervisors, Jerusha, even got her 15 minutes of fame when the organising team caught her for an interview about EAP Malaysia, and once again, she did us proud!

Basic Autism Training Skills Workshop @ UCSI University

On the 30th of September, we were invited to UCSI University to participate in a workshop on basic autism training skills to the students majoring in psychology. It was one of the most prestigious events we have been invited to, with the warmest welcome and hospitality.

Jochebed, our director, shared on ABA and we even got the crowd to break into groups to discuss how many broken down steps would be needed to teach a child with autism how to go to the toilet.

The turnout was incredible and we look forward to being back there again.

Career Talk at International Medical University (IMU)

To top it all, our team gave a career talk to the psychology students of IMU. Jochebed shared and explained our vision, core values and curriculum.

One of our supervisors, Emma also shared her journey at EAP, and it was indeed an inspiration.

We absolutely enjoyed the participation of the students and their eagerness to learn the heart behind why we do what we do.