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He had grown into a bubbly, witty and happy seven year old

When I started ABA, my son was four years old having been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder less than a year before. Needless to say we were devastated and helpless.

When I heard about EAP which had just started their services in Malaysia a little over six months then, I grabbed the opportunity and I have not regretted since. It was as if a major load was lifted off my shoulder. I have a really dedicated and caring team of consultants, Consultants and therapists who work on my son like it is their mission in life.

From a child with little verbal response, poor attention span and happy being on his own, he has grown into a bubbly, witty and happy seven year old with a great sense of humour who loves being around people, affectionate, who is able to function independently and attend a mainstream school. For me, ABA is the way to go, at least for a start. ABA provides a platform to stand on before embarking onto other modalities of therapies.

I am glad I discovered it before it was too late for my little boy.