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Jane & James Stewart

Jane & James Stewart

EAP has shown us that there is hope

My husband and I were devastated when we suddenly put all the pieces together and realised our 23 month old son was just not like other children his age and displayed a number of red flags for ASD.

After dealing with the grief and shock we acted immediately and found EAP here in Malaysia. From the very first contact EAP have bent over backwards to help us in every way possible. EAP acted immediately and implemented a program right away. Our son began the morning half-time programme at the centre and he has loved it from the very beginning… He can’t wait to go to school every morning…

In just 3 months we have seen a number of improvements. His poor eye contact is now on par with a typical child. He had little or no imitation skills but now these skills are out-standing. He is becoming increasingly more social with children his own age. When he started the programme he had zero words – he now tries to say 6 different words. A big step in 3 months.