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EAP team

EAP Annual Dinner 2015

Over the weekend, EAP Malaysia celebrated and honoured our team members for all their hard work and efforts in what they do, for the passion they have in changing the kids’ lives, for choosing autism. We hosted our Annual Dinner to celebrate all that has happened throughout the year, the big and the small, the milestones and the achievements. The theme of the night was Beauty and The Beast, and there was not a single person who did not look like they were going for a formal ball! It was definitely a sight to see.

EAP on The Bella Show

We had the honour of being featured live on The Bella Show, NTV7, last week, where our very own director, Jochebed Isaacs, spoke about autism, its symptoms, diagnosis and the need for awareness.

EAP Hooray Moment

This month, we would like to celebrate one of our kids who has been with us for over 2 years. Being a non-verbal child, the biggest milestone for us was when he started to verbalize again in May 2015 after a year after he has stopped doing so

EAP Hooray Moment

Here at EAP Malaysia, we believe in honouring and celebrating moments, big or small. Whether it is one of our kids saying “mummy” or “daddy” for the first time, or learning how to use communication appropriately, or a team member that stands out, we want to celebrate each and every victory and milestone.